A.R.S.P.A.N. has published three times, what you can find in the opposite menus, that is :

  1. A first journal published in November 94.
    You can find :.
    - use modes of the cave
    - the association actions
    - the statistics at the time

  2. A article published in Spelunca n° 66 - June 97-
    the official journal of the French Speleology Federation.(F.F.S.)
    You can find :
    - a putting into situation and Noël cave description
    - the cave speleo beginning
    - elements about the protection
  3. A second journal published in June 98.
    You can find :
    - the state and condition of the cave
    - the association actions
    - the last statistics

  4. Promotional brochure of the association (2002).

  5. Communication made in congregational Vercors 2008.